Step1: Build Miniature DeathStar✅
Step2: Grow Said 😈Evil-Laser💥👽 Shooting Robot to put in said DeathStar✅

TheWarrioroftheLight is a believer.
Because he is certain he will find love, love appears.
Like Ruth, I am her Boaz. Happy Birthday to my darling .@stasiamarie_x3. Health , Wisdom, Peace an many more

💪💪 🎣🍗🍕game getting there #fitamyheydaygiveaway GAME ON! LiftKick game will be on point. # Silver/White Super Shift
#itsnothype #itsheydayfootwear #sneakerhead #hightops
(at St. Bonaventure University)

😎 Never too cool to be a fool. #Bonagany #SelfiesWithSister ✌️&❤️✨Much love to all the UAC participants that helped out. To More Awesomeness!!🎨🎨🎬 (at St. Bonaventure University)

Two roads Diverge and I flew over both of them. I AM MAN NUmber 131,414 for the #HEForSHE revolution. #GenderEquality 👈👈👈

(at St. Bonaventure University)

Help your brother’a boat across, and your own will reach shore…💪
2Peter1:7- And in your godliness,brotherly kindness, and in your brotherly kindness,love

HappyBirthDay .@krooknem. SinceDay1 we out here in unity killing it. To the ToP 🙌 LongLife Peace Wisdom Prosperity! #Bless

Apple Watch📲🍎I’m good my 50cents one tells time and my other one gives me directions #ImGood

When the Beacon is lit! The team assembles. #DWG💎🌊 . #muffinsheppard🍪🍪🍦

#⃣tbt no caption . Just enjoy it.

he surrounded himself with the birds of Heaven. ☁️🐉Taken w/ #iphone4 #TheLibrarianWanderer 📷